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Autocruize 2008 Stargazer - Water Ingress - Quick Fix


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We recently purchased a 2008 Stargazer and after a while noted that water was entering at the main windows. A sealer strip had been added but did not appear to be preventing the ingress and in my opinion made it worse by not allowing the fitted seal to bed down properly so removed it. We also noted that the floor beneath both windows in the lockers were spongy and this was repaired under warranty. It appeared to me that the water was coming down the channel that the seal sat in and was entering that way so seal removed and bedded in on silicon, to no effect. After an eagle eyed better half suggested the water was entering between the seal and the window I put some sealing strip in the channel to divert the water away and this worked.

What was happening was as the window is recessed in the frame water was accumulating in the channel and then by capillary action seeping through. My intention was to create a dam with silicon to divert the water away, however was not really satisfied with this solution. Then a stroke of inspiration, POLISH, create a nice slippy surface and reduce the surface tension and the water will just slip off. - it works.

If you are having this problem then worth a try.

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