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Copilot GPS. iPhone Ipad


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Hi, I use Copilot but not on an ipad..my device is a samsung 10 inch tablet .


the Copilot is the free version, and I have found out how to add points of interest on it, so it now has CaravanClub, Camping club, Acsi sites, National Trust, France Aires, France Passion, and some selected locations derived from Britstops.


Copilot site explains how to do the adding, starting from csv format files. These can be downloaded from the club sites, or generated by someone who is computer literate. The csv files are also installable onto Garmin devices..I have the camper660 device.


my wife has ipad, but uses it for email etc..we havent investigated it in relation to copilot, but it does work with Google earth, so I presume it would also work with appropriate version of Copilot.. it does not need linking to a phone.


There are many other suitable sources of poi files, eg Archies, and Parking4night.or of course you can add any set you wish.


The voice guidance on the tablet, needs a separate audio amplifier to be able to hear the direction above the cab road noise..I have made one from a Maplin kit of bits.




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