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Rear Strip Light help


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I can’t tell you off-hand where to get a new light, but it ought not be too difficult to identify a replacement if the length of the light were known as there should not be that many possibilities.


I have attached a photo of a 2009 Starburst’s rear end showing the position of the vertical high-level brake light.


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...as Derek says, you need to measure the unit and then check the specs of the usual suspects.


TBH, it looks like the clear Jokon unit shown on this page here, but a close check of the specs would be required.




(If it is a match, then there are a number of sources to be found by Googling "Jokon LED High Level Stop Light" or similar.

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I agree with Robinhood.


The same brake-light unit was evidently fitted to 2009 Autocruise Augusta models (albeit horizontally not vertically)




Several possible on-line suppliers (example below) but little difference in asking-prices.





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