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Your Elddis Autostratus would originally have been fitted with a Carver Cascade water-heater that must have been replaced at some stage with a “Henry” equivalent. I believe the Henry water-heater (photo attached) is no longer manufactured - it was essentially a copy of the Carver appliance but with its own control-panel.


I can’t help with the switch, but motorhome owners tend to be enthusiastic DIYers and an extra switch might have an important function or not. (Presumably nothing obvious happens if you operate the switch?) There’s a forum discussion about a 1998 Autostratus here




with a photo of the control-panel with adjacent switches/sockets (2nd photo below) but I don’t know if that will help you.


To attach a photo to a posting, the size of the file containing the photo should not exceed 100 kilobytes. There is guidance here




but even if the file-size is under 100kb you might find that the photo won’t transfer and an error message appears. Should that happen, have another go.



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I had a caravan some years ago that had something similar and could run on gas or mains electric. From memory, there was a standard on/off switch that controlled the electric water heater and another one that switched the gas water heater on/off (the one in Derek's photo).

You didn't need both on at the same time.

Not sure if this is the same.



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On the Henry lower button left off right on symbols above top indicates on next on down lights if 12 supply fault (low batt etc) lower on gas failure, this may come on a couple of times when first lighting if not used for a while or just changed gas bottle. Switch off wait a minute try again. Switch to the right of the Henry is the 240 volt heater for the hot water when on mains hook up.
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