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Ripples on Camper Roof

Laura Flynn

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Hi, We have a 2014 Rollerteam 746. We are just getting it ready for a trip away and have noticed the roof has ripples in it as if the roof is coming away.

This could be normal but we are a bit concerned that it is not!

Any feedback would be gratefully received. The pic is too big to upload.


Thank you

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Laura.


This 2015 discussion relates to ‘blisters’ on the roof of a then-new Roller-Team TL590 motorhome




(I have copied below the photo of the blistered roof so that you will be able to compare it with the roof of your 2014 Roller-Team 746.)


Davis Wallis - the owner of the TL590 - no longer seems to be an active forum participant (his last logon was on 10/11/2015). In his final posting about the blisters he said


“...I am thinking that a major repair carries its own risks and if the problem is genuinely cosmetic it would be best to leave well alone”


and, as he provided no follow-up, it must be assumed that he decided to take the matter no further.


There was also this Roller-Team TL590 ‘bubbly roof’ inquiry on the MHFun forum




As the TL590s and your 746 are all Roller-Team products (and all three made in roughly the same time period) a bubbly/ripply/blistery roof may have been commonplace (even ‘normal’) for that make of motorhome then.


Although the ripples in your motorhome’s roof may be unsightly, as long as they do not lead to water-ingress, they should probably not concern you. Rectification would be a major task and I very much doubt it could be done under warranty for a 2014 vehicle.


Suggest you contact Roller Team (UK) and ask for advice.






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Thank you very much for replying.


We have had a look at the photo and it is the same but very much worse with even a few cracks starting to show. We have only just over 6000Kms on it so will be for sure contacting Rollerteam about this.


The issue is we will have to bring the motorhome over to England as I believe that they do not have a distributor/dealer in Ireland.


Thank you once again, and will be sure to let you know our outcome.



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Roller Team’s website indicates that there is a dealership in Northern Ireland




This is Abbey Caravans & Leisure at Newtownabbey




There’s also a hire-company in Dublin that has Roller Team motorhomes




Those firms may be able to tell you whether this is a known problem recognised by Roller Team, and perhaps advise on the best way forward. If it were just ripples it might be livable-with, but cracking is more worrying.

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hope everyone well


i just picked this thread up, i have a roller team 746 2015 and it has last few months gained two ripples which seem to have delaminated haf inch from the panel below, it has no ingress or cracks and is firm with seal of side, solar panel, roof lights.


any feed back from previous authors or others would be much appreciated



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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums.


You haven't said which part of your motorhome's roof has ripples, but (based on an earlier comment) there is the possibility that the outer skin of the curved part of the roof above the cab's sleeping area is 'loose' and not bonded to the supporting structure beneath it.


Suggest you try asking about this via the UK Roller-Team Owners Facebook group




It's plain that roof ripples are not unknown with these motorhomes, but not how commonplace the phenomenon is.

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