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I'm back with a message


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Having just reached my 90th year I've decided to stop all official work (retire is a rude word)


Am Just disposing of all my work machinery so from now on life gets easier.


No doubt I will pop up and annoy some with my off target comments.


Have fun



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Only ten to go !


Insurance is a nuisance. Impossible to change. Impossible to barter with. Third party only not an option. So I reduced the van value. If it gets broken I'll throw it away, job done and move on.


Bui it is a very ... very ... very convenient means of travel and I doubt it could be beaten. Go where and when you want for a few pence per day plus the fuel which in reality in minimal.


Its like many aspects of life you join or you do not. I never understand the complainers who beef about channel crossings or campsites ... the same applies. I spend my time looking forward not back and relish all that's offered for whatever cost.


Last week I decided no more work / work. The same will apply to driving, stop when it feels right.


PS Yes I'm still driving and feel very safe and secure doing mainly as it has a structured order that by law all should adhere to, in fact walking among traffic is the difficult bit judging speeds and distances. Travel insurance none as I keep to the UK now.


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