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MOT/GVT test exemption declaration.


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just renewing our tax and come across a new page that states that our vehicle record shows the vehicle as being test certificate exempt?


MOT/GVT –Declaration of ExemptiON

its asking me to tick if this is correct or not.


I am confused as our van (2014 reg) already has an mot and is getting the next one on monday. is this to do with the fact that the weight is PHGV as its 3.7ton? i need an MOT but i dont need a heavy goods test? DVLA currently closed. confused


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Chris, this is the list of MoT exempt vehicles:

a Motor tractor

b Track-laying vehicle

c Articulated vehicle that is not a lorry or bus (including bendy buses)

d Works trucks

e Invalid carriages weighing no more than 306kg when unloaded

f Vehicle used only to pass from land occupied by the person keeping the vehicle to other land occupied

by them, and not travelling on the road for more than a total of 6 miles a week

g Hackney carriage or private-hire vehicle taxed by local authorities authorised to check the

roadworthiness of this vehicle

h Hackney carriage (vehicle taxed to carry passengers) getting tax discs from Transport for London

I Vehicle provided for police purposes and maintained in an approved workshop

j Goods vehicle powered by electricity

k Tram

l Trolley vehicle that is not an auxiliary trolley vehicle (auxiliary trolley vehicles are vehicles that are

adapted to run from power provided from a source on board)

m Vehicles authorised to be used on the road by a Special Types General Order

n Vehicles used only on certain islands that do not have a bridge, tunnel, ford or other suitable way for

motor vehicles to be conveniently driven to a road in any part of the UK. If so provide the name of the

island in this box

o Vehicles manufactured or registered before 1st January 1960

p Northern Ireland dual purpose vehicle for the carriage of both passengers and goods weighing no

more than 2040kg when unloaded


I don't think yours will be included, so the most logical answer seems to be "system error" :-D. The next question is why? Maybe the tester can sort it out if you tell him before the test. Don't see why it should interfere with the test result, so probably can be sorted with DVLA post hoc. Good luck.

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<<< O ... Vehicles manufactured or registered before 1st January 1960 >>>


Hi Chris and Brian,


As from 20th of May, most vehicles over 40 years old will become MOT exempt. I will try to post a copy of the start of the Government advice sheet. I'll try to get a link, and post it later. I don't think your van will fit into this catergory.


Also on 20th May, the MOT generally will be changing., with two classes of fail. In the worst situation, you can be prevented from driving your vehicle away ... which you cannot at present. Try Googling NEW MOT.


Now entrering the Land of Little Learning ...


When MOT were first intoduced in the early 1960s, LIVING VANS were exempt, as were hearses, and goods vehicles over 30cwt unladen. Living vans and hearses were later dragged into the sustem. But goods vehicles over 30cwt were never liable for MOTing ... they had their own GOODS VEHICLE TEST (sometimes known a "plating"). Whatever, it was a rose by another name.


It is just possible that your van falls into a group that does not need an MOT, but does need "plating". This may be dependent on some group or classification detailed on your V5 ... which may, or may not, be impossible to change. I am ignorant on this subject. I think it's something new.


You do know that your driving licence will lose its Cat C and Cat D entitlement when you reach age 70 ... unless you pass a medical, at your own expense. I assume that you DO have a Cat.C licence? Cat B and Cat B+E only cover you up to 3,500kg MGW.





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Plainly your 2014 motorhome is not exempt from being MOT tested, but its UK registration of Tax Class 10 (Private HGV) seems to be having an effect on whether or not it should be considered exempt from goods vehicle testing (GVT).


Information on the types of vehicle that are exempt from GVT is given here




Presumably - should you wish to tax your motorhome at a Post Office - you’d complete this form, declaring that your motorhome is exempt from GVT as it falls into category 1 on the list (1. Dual purpose vehicles not constructed or adapted to form part of an articulated vehicle).


This Post Office webpage




advises in the "What documents will I need to bring to the Post Office?” section that "If it’s a goods vehicle or a public vehicle, you might need a valid GVT or PSVC” but I don’t know if that’s relevant.


As this seems to be a change to the histoical taxing procedure (and as it has happened to you and dawki) it would be worth you emailing the DVLA for an explanation.

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Phone DVLA? Have you ever tried? You hit the menu, that goes on for several minutes. And when you click, you get answers to the question that they think you meant to ask. At least that it how it used to work.

The Sec of State demanded that phones must be answered within 10 seconds, and employing a robot was the only way they could achieve that.


Google DVLA VEHICLES COMPLAINTS EMAIL, include your phone number and get a reply from a case-work team. Hang onto their email address and telephone number, for NEXT time you need them ... when they will redirect you if necessary.


My experience has been that case-work staff know what they are doing, and do try to help.



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Aghhh. So frustrating.

Phoned DVLA .

They said you have to phone DVSA which I did.

To cut a long story short DVLA referred me to DVSA then they referred me to DVLA. DVLA referred back me to DVSA and back to DVLA. 4 calls.


i GAVE UP THEN AND THEY TOLD ME TO TAX IT AT POST OFFICE and sort it out with dvsa again ready for next year to get the class GVT removed .Gosh I hope you are all following this?


i then decided to log onto DVLA again and check what would happen if i ticked the "exempt" box. Lo and behold there was no question or declaration that i had to fill in so the van is now taxed. Crazy run around for nothing. Had the mot redone yesterday too so wether that going into the system changed things I dont know as it was the second MOT.

Great when the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing?




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Motorhomes regardless of weight or RFL classification , all have a Class 4 MOT , (normal car test) . They are not plated even if they started off as commercial vehicle , as that would(should) be changed when registered with DVLA as a motorcaravan . If below 3.5tonne then taxed PLG , if over 3.5tonne then taxed as PHGV (which surprisingly is cheaper ! They can only be mot exempt by age .
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