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Habitation Door mechanism problem - help please.


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A 'lug' (red arrow pointing at it) has broken off on the habitation door handle mechanism on my Pilote Reference.


This means the hab door can't be opened from the outside – only from the inside – and that's a bit inconvenient.


I stripped the door down and epoxy resin was applied to the lug to mend it.


It was left overnight but when I put the mechanism back together the first time the door handle was used the lug fell off again.


Has anyone any idea who I could approach to find a replacement handle/mechanism ?


This is a bit urgent as we go away next week !


Has anyone else had a similar problem and, if so, how did you sort it out ?


Any help appreciated.



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The information on this advert




matches the coding-data on the label in your photo. (Note that you’d need to swap your present lock’s barrel over.)


I believe that it won’t be practicable to repair your lock’s broken part merely by trying to glue it together - the operating stresses are too great. You MIGHT be able to repair it by ‘wrapping' the part with glass or metal cloth, or wire, as well as using an adhesive, but as you are in a rush, fitting a new lock would be the most straightforward approach.

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If it is steel soldering might work depending where the break is and how much reinforcement you can add, either solder or by sweating on a reinforcing piece of metal, without obstructing the movement.

Failing that a local metal works or blacksmith should able to braze or possibly weld it which wouild be a lot stronger.

Always assuming you can dismantle it enough to remove the metal part to avoid heat damage to the plastic bits.

I too doubt any adhesive or grp will work and if it were mine I would order a new one to be sure of a reliable solution.

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I agree with your idea that a replacement would probably be the better option and I've found that Johns Cross have the part in stock.


We are off to the Eurotunnel terminal during next week and a diversion to Johns Cross looks the best option - I can fit the handle when we get to France.


Thanks for the replies – much appreciated.


:-D :-D :-D :-D

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OK have it fixed. Mine was more difficult, i had two doors: habitation, and cabin to the steering wheel, not about the key locks. But the end stop about the doors, not that plastic thing against the wall. YOU do not believe what can happen if they are stucked. Even at the MOT. Their purpose is to limit a certain opening degree, due to wall structure appendix. By a slide rail and wind protect, or a gas strut and wind protect, or classic whit slamming door. I called hartal and they said we are not behind it, but this is what the convertor wants to have. Glad i am over whit this in my Vw t6 transporter (lol)
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