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OmniStep power problem


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I had my 2002 Bessacarr 445 mechanically serviced the other day.


Before it went in the OmniStep worked fine, both with & without a mains supply & on both cab and home 12v power selection.


When it returned & the mechanic touched nothing inside the van the step will only work when plugged into mains, & then only on the cab power option. The only electrical fiddling he did was sort out a rear number plate light.


I have tried to fiollow the wiring "looms??" but they disappear below the water heater & loads of other places, all places where screwdrivers can't reach.


Any ideas, we are setting off for 60 days around Europe a week today!!!





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I have had a quick look a wiring diagram that I believe is applicable to your MH.


The diagram suggests that the step only takes power from the starter battery,


May I suggest that you look under the bonnet as from your symptoms it would appear that the connection to the vehicle battery or the a fuse in that circuit has been disturbed.


If I am correct in my diagnosis, you will also have lost 12V power to the fridge and alternator charging of the habitation battery.



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PJay - 2018-04-23 6:54 PM


as has been stated . The step should work from the starter , as ours , always contracts when you start the engine, we cannot have the step out, when engine is running




Sorry PJay,


That is not strictly correct. The power for the step may come from either battery, depending on the installation. The control for the auto retract or raise function may be taken from either IGN+ or D+, the latter including simulated D+ as provided by CBE systems.


I alterd my PVC to use the (simulated) D+, because if I switched on the ignition to check the odometer reading after arriving on site, the step would retract, Then my dear wife could open the door and nearly fall due to a retracted step. Further the power supply for retacting the step automatically was taken from an inadequately rated supply point. The fuse rating had been doubled. I considered this to be bad practice, and possibly in contavention of the Road Traffic Regulations, which require every conductor to be suitably fused. My remedy was to modify the circuit so that the step motor was supplied via the dedicated 12V distribution board fuse at all times.



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