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Free Stop Overs in Ireland


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I wonder if anyone has experience of the sites listed on the Camper Contact site in regard to The Irish Republic? I am wondering if they are safe places to overnight instead of an actual campsite?

I intend to stay on formal sites as well but would also like to wild camp.

Any views/experiences willbe most welcome.

Many thanks.

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Join Safe Nights Ireland. They will supply you a list of places you can safely stay all over the country. They vary from Rugby Clubs to the rear of Hotels but no problems at all when we used them.

Enjoy the craic!


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By all means look at sni, but it is never mentioned on the Irish forums. It was a sound idea but I am not sure that it was very successful.


Better to join motorhomecraic.com the largest forum covering the whole island. Free and friendly, you can search back years of posts on locations to stay, or if you can be specific about a potential stop then ask.


Linked to the forum is an app (apple and android) called motorhomeparking Ireland. It costs about £5 per year as a recurring charge but can be adjusted to be a one year only subscription. It contains locations of proper sites, aires, pub and restaurant stops, the inland waterways (Shannon and Erne) where many public marinas permit overnighting and of course, many wild spots.


Reports of any problems or trouble wildcamping in Ireland are extremely rare, although every country has its issues. Ireland, especially along the south, west and north coasts are pretty Motorhome friendly and often compared to the ease with which you can tour Scotland.



Based in Ireland.

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