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Zadi lock help

Fiat Ducato

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My motorhome habitation door lock recently fell apart, some time ago I changed the lock barrel as the habitation door lock key was bent when I bought the motorhome and eventually snapped with no spare.


Now its not the lock barrel or keys that I'm having problems with but the actual lock assembly the washers and springs came off causing it to fall apart. When I removed the lock and examined it, it appears that the metal sleeve that fits into the plastic round handle housing, this as another metal component at the end on the inside which as the long tang, this as a tiny bit which as snapped off, this is important as it holds the rectangle shaped sticking out bit of the actual zadi lock barrel as it slots right to the end of the sleeve.


Now found this replacement complete lock assembly from Grasshopperleisure




Comes without the lock barrel and keys which is perfect as I already have that, needed a set of barrels all to fit the same key when my old keys snapped. And ended up changing the door lock barrel, the external toilet waste door barrel, the gas cupboard barrel and water filler cap barrel.


But I am unclear whether this complete lock assembly comes with this sleeve which I am talking about or if it's a separate part, can't seem to find it sold separately on the internet. I have been in touch with Grasshopper leisure but they are unable to tell me either as they said the part is in another warehouse which they have to order in.


Can anyone else help me with this please, bought one and can tell me how it came.


I have included some photo's to better identify exactly what I am referring to.




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Just thought I'd write an update on the situation regarding the Zadi Lock issue I had. I took a chance and went ahead and ordered the R/H Zadi Door Lock from Grasshopperleisure at a reasonable £15.99 plus postage.

It arrived today and happy to report that if you do have the same problem as I did with the sleeve been damaged. A complete new door lock even the ones without the lock barrel come already fitted with the sleeve, ready to accept the lock barrel.

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