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Aire 1 or 2 hours from Calais


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Hi, travelling up from Limoges to Calais 7.5 mtr van plus 4 mtr trailer. Looking for an aire about 1 or 2 hours from Calais Sat 19th May. Suggestions plus no services required but somewhere to walk our dog would be great.
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Conty is about 2 hours south of Calais. Super Aire and nice town. We last visited about 2.5 years ago and they had just extended the aire from the grass verge to a purpose parking area. just up the road are a couple of lakes with good walking. Water and dump station was free but not sure if it still is.


It's found here 49.743848, 2.156048



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We used the large grass Aire at Conty last July on our way home, plenty of spaces and room for MH and trailer.

Town centre is short walk away and as you pass the Tourist office get some Jetons.

There is also a local vet but we thought they were a tad expensive, especially compaired to the one we used in 2016 in Rouen.

On the way to the Lakes there is an Equestian Center.

Nice town with bars and shops and also a Carrefour Express with a large grass area next to it for dog walking while other half is shopping.

I must confess that we can't remember if Fuel is sold at the Carrefour as shown on Google Street view, sad aint it, it's our age!

Here's another link.





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