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is Fiat my big brother


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So I have just downloaded the camper app that I saw mentioned on another thread here.

I pressed the "find my camper" button, it it seems to know that it's parked on my drive (which it is)

Do these things have trackers built in that I don't know about?

There is a Sat-Nav, but that's not a fiat part, it's aftermarket.


Bit scared!!


BTW it's a 2017 Adria twin

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I'd always assumed that it simply identified your location, probably because the only time I'd tried it I was in the van. Just tried it now - at home - and it is showing the van as 45 metres away in the field behind my house when it is, in fact, about 10 metres away on the drive in front of the house. I'll have to try it tomorrow from a few miles away.
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