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German Motorways


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The Germans got fed up with all the trucks coming through Germany most of which didnt want to pay the french tolls. So as you have been told over 7.5 tons now pay a toll although its still cheaper than the french auto routes. The EU is claiming that it is discriminatory and are telling the German authorities to desist. the germans came back with an emphatic Nein.


You may well ask how the French get away with it. In short the French autoroutes are privatly owned so they can do what they like. German roads are all state run.


Many of the autobahns have no speed limit, but the german rozzers will do you for dangerous driving if the conditions arnt suitable for high speeds. ie weather or high volume of traffic.


One final point. on a personal note I find that Uk drivers can be aggressive in there driving. And first timers driving in Germany get miffed when a car flashes its lights when coming up behind you. All they are really saying is that they are doing 100mph plus and plus plus. Would you mind awfully just pulling over to let me through.


The fastes ive been on an autobahn is 155mph (briefly) and by jove the scenery comes at you very quickly at those speed.



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