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Towing a Car/Trailer


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We have an Adria Sonic Supreme i710 SBC with a MTPLM of 4250 kg and have an all electric Smart Car (automatic), Kerb Weight 1085 kg and a Smart Trailer, Single Axle with a Weight of 350 kg. Total Max = 5685 kg.


We now plan to tow it into Europe for the first time, ideally Tuscany & Amalfi Coast. Total duration, just over 3 weeks in June 2018.


We have previously twice taken the motorhome (without car/trailer) into Europe visiting France, Spain, Portugal & Belgium.


Any advice would be most welcome regarding:-

Ferry v Tunnel to Calais - Easy of boarding and roads to and from the ports.

Routes to Italy - avoiding challenging roads and different outbound and return routes.

Charging the electric car - on sites and driving just the car.


We have just purchased the CV&MHC Avtex Garmin Tourer One Plus SatNav & DashCam and so can enter height, length, width, weight etc to avoid "unsuitable" roads. We appreciate that it will not be infallible.


Please Note, we have read several Threads regarding Go Box and don't wish to open a full debate on that subject, although appreciate some reference will need to be made if we consider Austria.



Please feel free to state the obvious. We will not be offended as new to motorhoming and never caravanned. Your advice may help us and others.


We would very much appreciate any help.


Kind Regards,

J&D (Pip's Passengers)


Adria Sonic is called Pip

Electric Smart Car is Pod

Trailer is called Tod

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