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Smudger@50 - 2018-06-01 12:54 PMHow can I find out if my motorhome has been pre wired for a solar panel ?

Get a competent solar panel installer to check for you?

If you tell us the year and model of your MH one of us might know the answer.
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Hi, it is just possible that your handbook for the van, contains wiring diagrams, assuming you have the handbook of course. ?

on our autocruise, it shows a connector in the diagram but not its physical location in the can.


it turns out that there is a connector buried under the floor behind the passenger cab seat.


useless position almost impossible to get at.


our solar panel was fitted before we got the van, so no idea how the wiring is routed, just that the solar controller is mounted in the overhead cupboard, just rear of cab passenger seat. Wiring disappears through a hole in cupboard side wall...




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Smudger@50’s motorhome is an Auto-Trail Tribute T-725 (review here)




It’s unlikely that it will have been pre-wired for a solar panel, but Auto-Trail should be able to say for sure.


An earlier discussion on the solar issue



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