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Upgrade battery capability


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Hi looking to make my system more efficient. Currently have 300 watts of solar panels through a blue point single output Mppt controller. Two bog standard 100 amp leisure batteries and a Van Bitz battery mate.


Looking to install a Votronic 350 watt Mppt dual battery output. With remote meter display and battery shunt.


Two Varta LFD 90 amp batteries.


Boxer 130 engine will fit the 3 litre battery as I run an inverter of this battery as explained in a previous post.


Any input welcomed. Nex trip will be for around six months over the winter, short days long nights mostly wild camping.

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If you care to look at a previous post of mine




I run an inverter from the engine battery to power the on board charger whilst driving, this also powers the ses fridge. This gives me a much better charging efficiency. Have recently had an extended tour over winter in France, Spain and Portugal 63 days wild camping no ehu needed.


The only reason for change is that I always renew the batteries at around four years old, and with much help and input from aandncaravan and other contributors having been very pleased with how my set up work just want to fine tune it.

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