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A thank you


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I’ve recently been trying to find a solution to a leaking drain down tap on our van.

Sounds as though it should be an easy job to sort out: a quick half hour on a sunny day.

Well it wasn’t. Pipework sizes either imperial or metric, sizes int and ext diameter, Taps either too tight or too slack. Pipe joining fittings likewise, and 25 to 28 mm reducers; well, lets not get too detailed!

Quality very variable on all of this stuff.

I tried online and the old fashioned trip to the van dealers option. Three of them no use, same crummy fittings.


Well, I finally called at Brownhills Newark , parts department not accessories, and a big thank you to Russ, sorted me out without too much difficulty, and parts cost about £22, And I’m happy.

Usual disclaimers,


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