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Fitting a new leisure battery, vent tube or not?


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Hello Everyone.


I have a roller team 746 just over a year old and wish to change the existing AGM battery for a new Varta LFD 90. I can't find any info as regards whether this needs a vent tube although my instincts with lead/acid batteries says to fit one.

Are these truly maintenance free?


All suggestions greatly appreciated




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The Varta/Bosch Powerframe battery uses unique technology that means they gas LESS than Gel or AGM.


All the evidence to support that here : http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/battery-technology.php


The web page contains lots of information from both the Varta and Bosch websites.


We have charged one at artificially high volts to simulate a charger malfunction, and it still didn't gas.



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Thank you Allan and Derek.


Very informative page Allan, interesting reading. You indeed have a wealth of knowledge.


Oh dear Derek what short memories we have.


Vented it is in case those unlikely circumstances conspire like they did with the Titanic


Thanks again

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Chris, I know a little bit, but I can't take all the credit. I am lucky I get quite a lot of info emailed to me and that goes on the web pages.

When I get it wrong they correct me.


I have recently been contacted by a techie from Yuasa, a real techno head who is in research, so hoping I will learn all sorts of 'insider stuff' and new technology.


We will see.






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