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Alde heating


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Yes, I did mine.


You'll need:

- 2 buckets

- 2 shorts lengths of 22mm pipe (I used copper plumbing pipe)

- 2 hose clamps/Jubillee clips

- 2 lengths of 22mm hose



- determine the fluid direction at the header tank and mark the pipes accordingly

- lower the fluid level to below the header tank either by draining or siphoning out some fluid

- remove header tank and connect the 22mm hoses to the input and output pipes using the short lengths of 22mm pipe and clips.

- stick the input hose in bucket #1 and the output hose into bucket #2

- fill bucket #1 with the ingoing fluid (50/50 or just water if you are flushing)

- set the Alde pump speed to 5/max on the pump itself

- set the heating to run the pump and the new fluid will be pumped in and the old fluid pushed out. The point at which the new fluid begins to emerge is quite distinct.

- refit header tank, top-up, reset pump speed.


I think that's it.

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Personally I think that the method in my post is simpler and quicker as when done carefully it introduces no air into the system, doesn't require any bleeding afterwards and uses the pump already present in the system.

If someone wants to drain down the system though then the method depicted in the video would need to be used as the Alde pump would be spinning in air.

I know that amongst the mobile engineers both methods have their advocates.

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Just a P.S. then. Before you start pumping you should prime the input hose: raise it up high and use a jug to fill it with fluid, hold your thumb over the end and then plunge it into the bucket and make sure it stays covered - to keep air out of the system.
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Mine too is a 'special coolant change apparatus' because I put it together especially for the purpose and don't use it for anything else. OK, perhaps the buckets.. :-D


Alde charge £200 for an HTF change, dealers seem to vary between £150 and £270 while mobile engineers are perhaps between £100 and £150.

My DIY change cost £15 and introduced no air into the system so required no bleeding, automatic or otherwise.


Lots of choices available depending on how much you'd like to spend to get the same result.

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No - it will be ‘old’ 2-year-change fluid.


I notice this on-line advice about the Alde fluid




It is recommended that you change the anti-freeze in your caravan’s central heating system in-line with the manufacturer’s instructions. Not sure what the guide-lines are? As a general rule, if your Alde heating system is filled with a liquid that is blue or green, then the silicate inhibitor usually gives a 2-year corrosion protection. If the fluid is purple or magenta, then the inhibitor offers 5-year corrosion protection.


However, to be sure, Alde recommend changing antifreeze every two years to maintain a consistent level of performance and corrosion protection in your caravan’s heating system."


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