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Collapsible waterhogs and beyond


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In April I started a thread in seach of a collapsible “waterhog” well I’m still looking, but the refurbishment is progressing; and yes, I’m going the whole hog, and adopting a caravan style water system.

We are also replacing the Malaga water heater and the Propex space heater, and we’re replacing them with a Truma Combi 4E .

The main objective is to have a fully functional water heating system that will enable us to take showers onboard, and also do the washing up.

Our 10 year old van just didn’t work in these two areas. I think maybe it never did!

We stay 99% on sites, and in the last 2-3 years we have felt that in some parts of Europe, facilities have become less comfortable, particularly when travelling in the colder months. So we’ll be self-sufficient in future. That’s the plan at any rate. Fingers crossed!

There is however one more component that we’d like to change.

We have a 50Litre compressor fridge. We like it but it’s not big enough, and it’s located under the bed, which means I have to get down on hands and knees to retrieve stuff from the back of it. The available height is only 55cm

I’ve done a search for a replacement but just come up with Waeco and Dometic.

There must be others? And I have a space I’d like to fit the replacement in.

That space is H 65-80cm x W 40-45cm x D45-50cm

Must be a compressor fridge.

Also planning to use an Oxygenics Jetspray BodyS

A or similar.

Any experience or suggestions will be appreciated

Regards, Snowie

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