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Toilet door track Giest motorhome


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Hi out there

I own a Giest (LMC) liberty explorer i130.

The toilet door is flexible plastic running a upper and lower track. The lower track is a U section and comprises two turns.

Does anyone know who manufactures these door systems. Giest sell the repair kit comprising both upper and lower tracks and want an arm and a leg . I only want the lower track. Which is plastic . The complicated upper track will be thrown away.

I hope my photos are included as I log off




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As your motorhome is German-built, I’m guessing that the tambour door in your photo will be a Remis product - certainly that was the case for the similar door used on my previous (2005) Hobby motorhome’s bathroom. This link is to the Remis website




This 2014 MHFun discussion was about the tambour bathroom door of a Geist motorhome




but the door’s manufacturer was not mentioned.

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