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Nationwide Building Society Recovery Excellent Service


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We have our breakdown and recovery service included with our Nationwide Plus current account. We trusted that the service would be good as it is provided by LV who use Britannia Recovery in the U.K.


We suffered a loss of tyre pressure while returning to Calais last week. Our Tyrepal monitor showed one tyre dropping pressure slowly. We pumped up the tyre and continued to Calais even though it was going down slowly. On arrival on our site we rang the recovery service number. They took our details and passed us onto a company called IMA UK to arrange the repair. They sent me a text a short while after advising us the details of the French Recovery Company and an eta within 40 minutes. Shortly after a man from that company confirmed they were on their way and checked we had a spare wheel.


The recovery arrived as per the text and he set on replacing our wheel with the spare. We received a call shortly after from IMA UK to check if he had arrived. He completed the work promptly and found a lump of metal in our leaking tyre. We signed his worksheet and he prepared to leave. IMA UK called us as he was leaving to check if the work was completed and asked if we required any more action from them before closing our job card down.


We were most impressed with the care and service provided. It was excellent from all parties involved and an shining example of good practice. We were fixed in less than two hours even though we were in a safe location. The recovery operator advised us that if we had been on the road they would have been even quicker so as not to leave us in danger.


Well done Nationwide Building Society, LV and IMA UK and the recovery company (Garage Depannauto SARL).

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Guest pelmetman

Ditto excellent service B-) ........


Not for me but for my Mrs who cant drive 8-) .........


But happened to be in her sisters car when it broke down, and her sister didn't have any cover *-) ..........



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