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Eurotunnel frequent traveller


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Frequentl traveler is superb. I share mine with my brother. But his never used it.

We’ve been early and late and still traveled.

You are supposed to give 24 hours notice, but a couple of years ago with no work over the weekend.

We woke at 08.00 and by 10.00 I had contacted eurotunnel and packed what we needed and traveled to Le Touquet. To our favorite Restaurant.

BLU BLANC MER. Now closed down??

It’s worth every penny. Superb service.

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If you want to share the minimum 10 tickets per year with someone else, it's best to choose someone you trust or a member of a club or forum.


You share the password to the account with the other party. Before applying for the frequent traveller, always make sure the other party sends you his share of the basic ticket price. Once the application is made, you can't change your partner. You will need name, address, telephone number of your partner for the application.


When you book a crossing you just pay the campingcar supplement and for pets, if applicable. You can book a return or single outward journey. There are restrictions on when you can travel during the day (without paying additional supplements). There are also additional supplements if you travel during peak times but these are generally easily avoided.


I'm a member of the MotorhomeFun forum and advertised for a willing partner on there. The FT scheme gives you flexibility - I recently changed my outgoing booking 3 times without any charge.

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