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Sargent Ec200 unusual voltage readings


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Since installing solar panels that are directly wired to my leisure battery, I have had some unusual voltage readings on my Sergent Ec200 display panel.


1) When the display panel is off the voltage is reading 13V for the leisure battery.

As soon as I turn it on the voltage drops to around 12.8, as I turn on anything that consumes

power such as lights the voltage reading drops.

With just 4 lights on the voltage reading on the panel dropped to 10.5.


However if I put my multi meter on the battery I am getting reading of 12.5 with the control panel off, and 12.4 with the panel. So now I have no way of knowing what my battery charge is.


2) I should also add since putting the solar panels on, a couple of lights turn on as soon as the control panel is switched on and I have no way of switching them off unless I disconnect them. I have removed the positive cables fuses to see if this turns the lights off with no success.


Any thoughts on why the voltage reading has screwed up or why the lights come on would be welcomed.





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