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Fiat Ducato I pod connections


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Let me first say I am not a technophobe so be gentle with me.

We have a 2017 Ducato. By some miracle I have paired my phone successfully. My next mission should I choose to accept it is to pair my I Pod.

I have plugged the I pod into the appropriate socket and pressed pair on the afore mentioned I Pod.

I Pod says cant connect to Uconnect ensure system is switched on.

The media button says no media installed which is correct cos I cant install the I pod

I assumed that because I had bluetooth for the phone I would also have Bluetooth for the I Pod.

can anybody help. I need my music to black out the sounds of the Motorhome.

many thanks


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It may depend on the model of iPod, but certainly my iPod Classic doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity. To connect an iPod we used an FM transmitter - similar to this https://www.clasohlson.com/uk/Belkin-Tunecast-Auto-FM-Transmitter/38-4919.


Not the best sound quality, but ok - at least until you arrive in Calais and find no spare frequency to transmit on!


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I'm not familiar with the Fiat Uconnect system, but a quick peruse of the instructions indicate that it is expected to function with an iPod in a similar way to other systems (i.e. not via Bluetooth).


Attach the iPod output via a USB cable (you might have already done this, looking at your post).


Don't try to pair or use Bluetooth in any manner.


Select the "USB" input on the Uconnect radio (may be in a submenu under "Media").


The iPod should show up.


Implicitly, if you turn on the radio before connecting to the USB, it should sense it and switch the input accordingly.


This may or may not help, but it is what the manual states, and the way I would expect it to work.

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I connected mine with a mini jack cable from the headphone socket on the iPod to the Aux input next to the USB socket on the van. You can only control volume and balance etc. through the uConnect. Track selection, play and pause etc. has to be done on the iPod directly. I found it easier to copy my iTunes library to a USB stick and play it through the USB socket. All functions are then available on the uConnect itself. Pretty sure that's all explained in the uConnect manual. Not sure about Bluetooth as my iPod doesn't have it, but I can play music from my phone when it's paired to the uConnect via the radio itself.
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