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AL-KO shock absorbers


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Hi guys, sorry if this is a commonly asked question but I'm trying to get a pair of rear shocks for my 2001 Swift kon-tiki , Ducato 3500kg with AL-KO chassis. Tried AL-KO direct and there phone system tells me to contact local service centre, now I would be the first to admit I'm no internet genius but try as I may I can't

find the information, any help would be appreciated

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The following link identifies AL-KO leisure-vehicle service centre locations.




(A postcode or town/city name in the “Your Address” search-field seems to work.)


This 2014 MHFacts discussion refers to the cost of AL-KO rear dampers




I don’t know which dampers would be appropriate for a 2001 Kon-Tiki, but you will need to ensure that you obtain ones with the correct specification. The following advert is for 4000kg ‘black’ dampers, but these might not be correct for your vehicle.




An AL-KO service centre should be able to advise (Maybe!)

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