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New fuel labelling in the E U


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This is not really a ‘new’ thing...


The requirement that vehicle fuels includie a ‘bio’ content has been discussed for years and, now that 3 different types of petrol and 3 different types of diesel will be available at service stations and some of these varieties of fuel may unsuitable for certain vehicles, it surely stands to reason that there should be a visible means to identify one type of fuel from another and - as motorists travel between countries - that the identification method should be standardised and harmonised across Europe (not just across EU countries)


The issue is covered in more detail here




(What would be suggest as a better alternative?)

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It is worth noting that not all modern common rail diesel engines can run on all grades of bio diesel.


In fact, I always use the lowest bio content diesel I can buy.


I believe up to 10% bio is now on sale, if your engine doesn't like it it could get expensive.


Modern engines don't need bio so using un-doctored fuel is OK in modern engines.



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Whilst both our car handbooks helpfully state the maximum percentage of Bio-fuel that can be used or is preferred, my Ducato X290 handbook merely stated it must use Diesel to EN590 standard.


As best as I can determine from googling, that standard allows a maximum bio content of 7%, so I will assume that only B7 diesel will be suitable unless any more knowledgeable forum members know differently.


Having just told my better half that when she pulls up at the unleaded pump, she will also have to look for an E5 symbol in preference, although can choose E10 at a pinch, I have been informed that she will instead be sending me to fill up her car!

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