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still no gas - solution! elementary my dear watson.


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I went and had the habitation check done today. The clues are in there plain to see. The gas oven wouldnt work but they did for a german psychiatrist? Well the knobs on the cooker were put on the wrong way round! Him being german probably was used to turning them in a different direction - rather like they drive on the opposite side of the road. But when we tried it wouldnt work. Anyway. It was down to the knobs. The gas was fine. We could have saved ourselves a small fortune in take aways if only we had been continental ! Anyway also the door lock was fixed. You cant get replacements anymore so it had to be taken apart. - there was a sliver of metal in there. - 50 quid. Water pump intermittent - 90 quid for a new one. Awning rail (to stop the rain getting down behind the awning - 30 quid. And a new liesure battery. The larger one he said would enable us to watch telly all weekend if not hooked up to electric but we went with the smaller one because we dont watch that much telly. Plus he showed us how to work everything and i filmed it so i wouldnt forget. He said the hot water / heating controls were actually very confusing. (The way they are laid out). So feel better now. Thanks for all your help.
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