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Replacing exterior panel seals


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Hi all

We have recently bought our first mh; 2009 Chausson Allegro, and whilst we are really happy with it, some of the exterior panel seals are giving me some cause for concern. .

Whilst it's currently damp free the seals look like they've been applied with a very long stick (?!)...

I.e. they look a mess and really don't instil confidence in their ability to do the job.

I'm thinking about renewing them but could do with some advice please...

??What is the best way to:

1. Remove the old seals?

2. Prepare the joints?

Unfortunately I don't know what the seals are made of so I guess I'll need to find that out first... any suggestions?

??Which sealing compound do I use?

Thanks in anticipation


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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, Rob.


The methods and materials best used to renew a motorhome’s bodywork joint-seals will depend on the vehicle’s construction and (to some extent) on the person doing the job’s experience and preferences.


It’s not a task to be taken on lightly (there’s an example of a caravan’s seals being renewed on the followng link)




and if you GOOGLE-search on “resealing motorhome joints” (omitting the quotes) you’ll find plenty of on-line comments about this.


As you say that your Chausson’s seals are not currently leaking, I suggest you discuss this with a trustworthy motorhome dealership/repair company and establish what professional joint-resealing is likely to cost. As it’s plain that you’ve no hands-on personal experience to draw on, it may be wise to pay for someone who knows what they are doing to carry out the work, rather than attempt the resealing yourself.



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Thanks for your advice, I will seek a professional opinion.

However, I dont believe this is outside my capabilities, being a mechanical engineer with experience in replacing a wide range of seals, including industrial, automotive, marine and domestic, just not on mh's.

I've attached a couple of photos that are typical of the problem if you or anyone else could advise.

Thanks again



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As the owner of a similar age Chausson Allegro I have had similar issues myself with sealant lines. The joints at the top of the vertical pillars are quite poor. I’ve had mine done twice and they need doing again. Have had the van four years. The saving grace is that they are only mouldings to hold the lights and for appearance and do not affect the weather proofing of the van. It depends how well you can put up with their appearance.


As for the bumper joints, I have had to replace the rear bumper and no sealant was involved. There is no need for it, so you might want to strip it out, again only if you can’t put up with it. It does not affect the weather sealing.


Other than that, it’s a fabulous van that is easy to enjoy

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Redoing the joints you have indicated in your photos should present no great difficulties, though removing the old sealant will take a little time.


SIKA market a range of polyurethane ahesive/sealants, with “Sikaflex-512 Caravan” being generally available from motorhome/caravan dealerships and on-line. You can find details here




A couple of comments - try to ensure that the cartridge’s ‘use before’ date is OK and be aware that the white colour of “Sikaflex-512 Caravan” will stand out. There’s nothing you can do about the latter, though, as matching the colour of new sealant against the old stuff won’t be practicable. The new sealant will eventually discolour as it ages.


There are altenative sealant/adhesives within the SIKA range and from other manufacturers, but I don’t think they will be any better than 512 Caravan for what you want to do.

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Our previous van was a 2008 Allegro 83(Renault based)..and whilst you are fettling seals, if (IF?) your main roof-cab section joint is similar to the one on ours, I would recommend also taking a look at that..

(ours was just a wide(ish) bead of sealant, and that had "sunk", It it coincided with where water would pool when park on the 'drive).


I "capped" our joint by bonding on length of 2 1/2" upvc moulding, using a good bed of Sika *512(*I think?)


Mentioned/photos here- http://forums.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/Motorhomes/Motorhome-Matters/Roof-joint-seal/33603/

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That's reassuring and very interesting.

I may 'live with' the joints that just look untidy for a while but I will certainly check out the roof seals.

I like the idea of fitting a covering strip.

Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions, they are most welcome.




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