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Dull bodywork on Autotrail.


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I believe your Auto-Trail motorhome is a 2010 “Savannah” model and I’m pretty sure its conversion body-panelling is GRP-skinned.


If the surface of the panelling has dulled to the extent that rigoroously cleaning the vehicle and then using an ‘ordinary’ polish (say Autoglym Super Resin Polish)




will not result in a good long-lasting shine, a more abrasive ‘cutting agent’ might need to be employed to address the dulling. Such products are marketed by Farécla




but a motorhome has a large surface area and using a cutting product needs care and expertise. If the task were done professionally, mechanicall buffing would normally be employed to produce a high-quality finish and reduce the effort needed.


If you find that just cleaning and polishing your motorhome carefully fails to produce the standard of finish you want, I suggest you seek advice from a specialist before embarking on more agressive treatment yourself. If a really good clean followed by a really good polish adequately addresses the dullness, waxing the vehicle afterwards should keep it shiny for quite some time.


A GOOGLE-search on “polishing motorhome” retrieved a fair amount of discussion that you should find useful



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