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omnistor awnings

old grey mare

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:-D Hi there,


We have our latest motor home, very happy with it. Problem, I am a newbie, hubbie can't do as he used to due to a stroke. (^) I need to put out the Omnistor awning to shade us all. I have bought an awning tie down kit, sadly it is for a Fiamma. How on earth does this go together?


Please help!!! :-> *-)

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The tie down kit is just a stronger version of the cord used to tie tents down, with a spring and metal peg, so if you've ever camped, you've got the basics. The attachment to your awning is the issue, as you need to slide a metal piece into the slot on edge of the awning rail, so look at the attachment and the slot and see if they will fit. I had to slightly alter my kit to fit my prostor (dometic) awning rail.


That said, I rarely use it, but wind it in if there is a breeze.

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It wouldn't be much use as mine was omnistor kit to dometic awning. And I've never sorted how to put photos on here.

If you look at the slot on the end of the awning when its wound out, and then at the metal thingy that is meant to slot into it, you can have some idea of what is needed. Just a bit of lateral thinking, I had to cut the thingy to make it narrower for my awning. But as I said, I hardly ever need it, the awnings are fine just wound out for 90% of the time, any wind, (or overnight) I wind it in.

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ive a Thule omnistor awning on my Globecar.

the black webbing tie down straps have 2 ends - one with a triangular metal ring for attaching to a peg nailed into the ground.

the other end has a small flat metal plate (about 10mm wide) in a kind of Z form - one end has a hole in it and is attached to the webbing stop - you pass the metal plate through the a small hole in the top of the awning leg, just below the pivot where it attaches to the awning - the downward angular deflection of the tie down strap applies a force tote plate that locks it into the leg of the awning.

the tie down straps don't attach to the horizontal awning member . ;)

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The current Omnistor and Fiamma tie-down kits are similar in function, but because of detail differences in design, may not be interchangeable.


Gerry has described how the Omnistor version is designed to work, with the cranked metal brackets passing through a slot in the top of the leg(s).


The Fiamma version is similar, in that it has cranked brackets, but these fit into the awning channel on the bottom of the wind-out portion of the awning casing.


The use of sprung straps to connect to these brackets is then common between both versions.


The problem you may well encounter is that, though both Omnistor and Fiamma awnings have an awning channel, it is located differently on the wind-out bit of the awning on the different makes (and may also be a slightly different profile diameter).


It may well be that you cannot get the little (Fiamma) brackets correctly and securely located on an Omnistor awning (my fear is that they may clash with the awning). It is possible to buy "universal" tie down kits, and these come with two different sets of brackets, one for each make, and this reinforces my concern.


This picture shows how the thing works on a Fiamma awning, and shows the bracket inserted into the front of the awning - the equivalent point on an Omnistor awning is further behind and upwards, and may thus create a problem for connection






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I thought I'd add this in case it helps someone.


There are two kinds of Thule Omnistor tie down kits.


1) Thule 307916 Omnistor Awning Hold Down Side Strap Kit Belt

2) Thule 307906 Omnistor Hold Down Kit belt black


The first one is two separate belts one for each end of the awning. The second one is a single belt that loops under the awning and goes from one end to the other. This is the one I bought and could not figure out how the straps went together so I contacted Thule and received the attached photos which is what really should be in the instructions. Hopefully it helps someone as I searched and searched but found nothing on the Internet. This is for the Thule 307906 Omnistor Hold Down Kit belt black only.


[EDIT] File size is too big unfortunately, contact me if you need it [EDIT]





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Billggski - 2018-07-23 9:04 AM


I note you seem to have the support brackets to mount the awning legs on the side of the motorhome. I find these very iseful in that they keep the legs clear of dogs and leads which get tangled up.

FWIW, I use these in preference to setting the awning legs on the ground, especially in conjunction with a universal rafter pole mid-way between the articulating rafter poles. This is far more efficient at tensioning the fabric to resist wind and, via awning legs into side support brackets triangulates the awning support system is then more firm and stable than with the tie down kit.


As an aside, I have some reservations about the tie down kit as the manner of use illustrated effectively tensions the awning between the (immovable) ground and the (spring suspended) motorhome. In most cases (admittedly some more than others), motorhomes rock when exited/entered, and this, plus any billowing of the fabric with wind, placing additional stress on the tie down straps, and through them and the awning rafters to the blind back-box and its fixings. This seems to me undesirable, whereas by putting the awning legs into the side brackets, and then stiffening the fabric with the universal rafter pole, all tension is resolved between the legs, the side of the van, the lead rail and the back-box, seemingly placing little to no additional stress on the back-box fixings.

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