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schaudt EBL 220/2 fault


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I have the above controller on my newly aquired 2010 Pilote whilst all the 240 volt side off things work when on hookup it is failing to charge the leisure batteries. Can anyone give me (a mere mortal) an idea of what to try to find the fault thanks.
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If there is 230v at the EBL 220 kettle plug but the battery voltage doesn't rise above 13.0v and the 'mains connected' Icon doesn't show, then the charger PCB inside the EBL 220 has failed.


The 'mains connected' icon is not driven directly by the 230v RCD/MCB supply but is a 12v output from the charger, which obviously needs 230v to run.


There is a 230v fuse inside the box that blows when the charger fails. Replacing the fuse without first resolving the failure normally results in a fireworks display and further PCB component damage.


Only in very rare circumstances will the fuse blow without there being a fault in the components, which is why it is hidden away inside the unit and all the 'user' serviceable fuses on the front exterior.


The charger normally only fails from either long term EHU connection or poor batteries.


What batteries do you have : make, age, size, technology, etc?


Do you know if the EBL 220 has the optional battery upgrade kit fitted? If it is, then one of the dual 2 pin Black sockets on the top left of the charger in the attached photo will have a plug in them.



We can supply exchange rebuilt EBL 220-2's at £270 or repair the old unit at £130, neither price attracts VAT, only shipping on top. See http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/contact-us.php


Our nearest competitor, Apuljack charges £166 + £7 + VAT = £208 for the same work.



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