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Fiamma Sun Blocker Alternative

Wasnt Me

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Hi I'm looking for a sunblock to slide into a 4 metre awning.


I have seen the Fiamma ones but like most of their products, they are overpriced.


Are there any alternatives? I don't really want to spend £100 on a bit of canvas.


Thanks in advance

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Wasn't Me - 2018-08-07 4:34 PMAny more suggestions? Just giving my thread a bump.

I have one of these - I've only used it a couple of times - we got it in 2012 to use it as a "stand alone" as well with our table & chairs underneath when we went out. It does the job well and creates a huge space. I probably won't use it again - if you are interested , give me a PM and make an offer?



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I have a full set of lilypad screens. Bought them at 4.0 mtr. had the m/h 18mths and never used them. Then we changed the van and had the front scree altered by lilypad themselves to 4.5mtr. Used once in Italy.

Very easy to reverse back to 4mtr.

pm me if you are interested



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