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Towing with a bike rack

Galley God

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I have a Freelander 2 paired with a Bailey Ranger 460-4 and want to fit a cycle carrier to the tow bar. The carrier is to accomodate 2 adult bikes. Suitable carriers appear to be few and far between but I am considering a Maxx Raxx Voyager Flange. Just wondering if anyone has experience or knowledge of the clearances required to ensure that turning circles etc aren't impinged and that the cycles won't act as a very poor buffer between the car and the van!


Help would be appreciated.



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I'm no expert, but I would have thought that the last thing you would need would be to put a 40/50 kilo load onto your tow hitch before you even think about the nose weight of your caravan. Your tow hitch has a maximum load of probably 90 kilos or less, and to use up half of that could give handling problems with the caravan.


A lot of continentals have cycle racks fitted on the A frame of the caravan, and some put them on the rear wall of the caravan, but in either case it at least puts the weight onto the caravan where it can be included in the calculations about nose weight.


Just a thought.



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