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LPG Indicator Autosleeper Cotswold


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There are 8 green and one red LED to show the gas level in the tank. The red LED (the leftmost one) is supposed to show empty, but in our van (an Auto-Sleeper Warwick Duo) when the red light is on the tank is about ½ full.


By keeping records of how many lights were showing whenever we filled-up. we have been able to make a reasonably accurate guide as to just how much gas is indicated by the lights. This is something you will have to do for yourself, as each van is different and the slope you are on makes a huge difference. The most accurate level readings are to be had travelling at a steady speed on a level motorway.


Sorry: I answered before looking at your link, so my reply is of little help: Sorry again

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I believe your 2009 Cotswold’s 5-LED gauge is referred to as a GMS GLX205 unit.


There are wiring instructions here




and it’s mentioned in Nickfarrow’s posting of 24-06-2013, 10:57 in this MHFacts forum thread.




I don’t know what the adjacent push-button switch is for, but (assuming its placement indicates that it relates to the LPG tank) it MIGHT switch on an anti-frost heater for the tank’s regulator.


There’s a fair amount of discussion on the Auto-Sleepers Owners Forum (ASOF)




about the use and accuracy (or otherwise!) of the LPG-tank gauge, but Im not aware if there’s anything on the ASOC forum about the mysterious switch.


Suggest you register on the ASOF (if you haven’t already), copy to the forum the photo you have provided here and ask what the push-button switch’s purpose is. If that fails to elicit a credible explanation, ask Auto-Sleepers.


What happens (if anything) when you use the push-button switch? It appears from your original posting that the LEDs on the gauge illuminate when your motohome’s motor is started (which I understand is normal for an Auto-Sleepers model with a LPG tank). Does the gauge function according to whether the switch is On or Off?


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Derek Uzzell - 2018-08-13 6:56 AM


Makes sense - but it’s a pity there is no mention of the indicator (nor of the LPG tank contents-gauge) in the Auto-Sleepers handbook for a 2009 Cotswold.


WE also have and underslung gas tank on our Autotrail 610SE, and the readout is on the right hand side of the dash but too low down to actually read! It only works with the engine running, so I try to remember (very rarely!) that I need to read it before driving off..


It has 8 LEDs and so far having used the gas to a very small extent, have only been able to top up with 2 or 3 littres at a time.... I guess that's about right if trying to equate the usage with the old 6kg Calor Gas cylinders.


Unfortunately AT have not provided a tap to turn of the system inside the vehicle, only by laying down underneath and removing a fairly hefty cap in the pipework... I took this up with AT via the dealers as I was not happy and was told it meets all the BS and any other standards required.


The only way to turn anything off is by the isolators under the kitchen unit, but personally I don't feel happy with this - however no way will I get underneath the van in fact the plate nearly hit me on the head when I did on one occasion do this. So far , since having this vehicle, oddly no one has asked us when boarding the ferry if the gas is turned off on the cylinder...!!!

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