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Malvern Show


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Arrived home today from Malvern Show. A day early, why you might ask.

Due to the fact we had Real Traveller families parked up close by, such disgusting behaviour.

When we arrived Friday afternoon, we were informed from others already there, they were travellers.

It didn’t take long to find out our selves.

They couldn’t talk they just shout, they were so loud with appalling language and young chidren with them and around other campers.

Yesterday morning the two women woke the area before 7am shouting. The dishes were being washed the water thrown in the hedgerow, ok no problem with a bit of water, but the dishcloths gets thrown into the trees, why can’t they use a bin, their rubbish was blown around the field.

Later in the morning a pickup truck arrives, don’t know where they came from, out get two teenage boys and a gentleman, more language shouting amongst them.

These men were climbing the gate to get into to the next field of sheep, no idea why they had to do this, but obvious when you see the toilet roll, toilets are situated around the different fields, absolutely disgusting and lazy.

This group then start up a game, not near their vans but around other decent campers, they were playing some kind of Hoopla but not with a rubber ring, these had metal horseshoes, throwing around the place. They had no respect for those around them.

Last night the noise from them went on to 3 am, I was told they had been reported.

When we got up this morning, another caravan arrives and parks in the gap between the two that were already sited there, this gap between vans is kept for a purpose. People are now moving to different areas of the field, for us we decided to leave.

Any further shows we attend, I am sorry but I shall certainly refuse to pitch amongst them.

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