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Gas connection on a Hymer MLT


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I have just taken delivery of a new Hymer MLT 570. I connected my gas cylinders and the layout is the same as my old Hymer van 522 with the exception that it has the Truma duo regulator with the crash sensor. I turned the gas taps on inside the habitation but no gas is coming through (my cylinder is obviously open). I cannot see any obvious reason why there is no flow. Can any MLT owner advise?
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mine is a manual duo input one, as in the picture, and needs to be 'pointed' at the supplying cylinder.

in the photo, it's pointing to the cylinder hose coming in from the left.

the arrow can be set to the right but also to the top and this is a neutral position effectively shutting off the gas from both sources.

perhaps you have the control in this position?


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The installed hoses, if they are the ones supplied with the regulator, have rupture protection, and if they have 'tripped', which is not uncommon, especially if gas is turned off at the cylinder, then the green button on each hose at the cylinder end will need pushing down for a second or two to reset.


In addition, the regulator itself is designed to be "tripped" under crash conditions, and there is a possibility that might happen under normal use. There is a green button on the front of the regulator (not the cylinder selection bit, but the actual regulator just below) that should be pushed in for around 5 seconds to reset.


You have checked that you know which direction the appliance isolating taps point for "on", haven't you.... ;-)



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The Truma DuoControl CS device comes in two formats - vertical and horizontal - as shown in the attached photos.


Both versions have a rotatable knob that has three small protrusions and one much larger protrusion on its rim, and (as Bolero Boy has advised) the large protrusion must ‘point’ towards the gas-hose that leads to the cylinder that is to supply gas to the motorhome.


Robinhood has covered the remaining possibilities.


Truma’s operating instructions for the DuoControl CS device can be downloaded from here:




(My Rapido motorhome has the horizontal variant of the DuoControl CS device attached to the gas-locker’s ceiling. To make it more visually obvious which cylinder the knob is ‘aimed’ at, I have painted the knob’s large protrusion bright red.)



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