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Domestic Water Pump


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I need to replace or repair a leaking water pump on my 2014 motor home.


The makers name on the label of the pump reads Lille Shurflo but I cannot find any web page or sales outlet that refers to Lille. Could anyone (Derek) advise if the Lille part has been dropped and does the standard Shurflo pumps replace the Lille model ie. shape and size.

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I think you’ll find that the water-pump on your Carthago pump is a “LILIE” product (not “LILLE”).


SHURflo is an USA company and I believe it’s currently owned by Pentair, with SHURflo pumps nowadays being made in Mexico.


Your pump is apparently made (or distributed) by Lilie - a German company




and on-line references indicate that their pumps can be referred to as “Lilie by SHURflo”. (Example here)



The “ClassicSerie” Lilie pumps




look like clones of SHURFlo's “Trail-King” range of pumps and there’s an English-language manual for the Lilie pumps here




I’m not sure if the Lilie pumps are marketed in the UK, but if your Carthago’s pump is a Lilie “ClassicSerie” and you identify its maximum flow-rate and pressure, you should be able to replace with a SHURFlo equivalent on a like-for-like basis and significantly cheaper. For instance, this 7.0litres-per-minute, 1.4bar Lilie pump is advertised at €99.95




whereas an equivalent SHURFlo “Trail-King” pump is widely available in the UK for around £50.






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