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One for the experts here - We've been lucky enough to pick up a new Adria Coral 670 XL, nothing wrong as far as I know and everything looks good.


I was expecting that we would have a Schaudt electroblock as per our previous van, - as far as I am aware Schaudt is a good solid piece of kit and as long as it's treated well (keep the leisure battery in good condition, don't risk "spiking" it with dodgy current etc) - it will give years of good service, it certainly gave us no troubles in 3 years, barely looked at it.


Our new van has a Nordelettronica NE237 block hooked to a NE266 Control panel. The control panel is very swish and digital with all manner of useful checks, - one shows what the electrical draw is at any one time which would be useful. I,ve had it hooked to a Votronic MPP solar unit with 150 watt panel on the roof, - been done professionally and it looks good, I am confident our installer knows what he's doing.


Should I be worried or dismayed that we have Nordelettronica instead? Are these units reliable?


- I am not a fan of Italian electrics, - I note they used Nordelettronica parts on Italian Motorcycles whose electrics were not the best at most times, remember a Guzzi which caught fire at one point because of an electrical short.





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We repair/supply both Nordelettronica and Schaudt, we rate Schaudt as the best, but the Nordelettronica units, especially the NE 237, are ok.


You will note how the NE237 looks like an Aluminium boxed version of a Schaudt unit? See photo.


Adria wanted a Schaudt box but at lower cost so went to Nordelettronica to supply one.

It has good functionality and is quite reliable but be careful about giving it a battery bank bigger than 160Ah, unless they are the more efficient Varta LFD batteries.


So no you should not be dismayed, while replacements are many hundreds from the Dealers (I think £590?) we can repair most faults for less than a hundred.




A Solar installer fitting a 150w panel and a Votronic Solar regulator suggests they did know what they were doing.

From memory, the NE 237 has a Schaudt style Solar port which should have been used by the installer if you want to double check?


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Thanks -


Good to know, these pieces of kit are the heart of any van, I did notice that it looks just like a silver Schauldt unit when I poked about.


Not planning to fit another battery, we,ve got a dealer fit 100amp AGM in there which will meet our needs. It isn't one of the recommended makes but it's new, it will do for the time being, and wont unduly stress anything.


The van lives in store at the moment I will check where the Solar is plugged in when I next look, - the regulator is very close to the box and there is a very heavy duty master fuse that can be pulled to disconnect the panel from the box should the need arise.


We are Adria fans, over a fair time Adria have been cutting back on quality a bit by fitting cheaper parts here and there which isn't always the best option - there is a slow downhill movement, although as we are happy to part with the funds to buy the van,- it isn't that bad.


From reading the book - always useful, - 2 folders completely full of manuals for everything, will take an age - the fuses are color coded as to their use on the van which is a nice touch, - different colors for different systems,


Not totally bereft of Schauldt, - we have a manual for a light dimmer, - haven't found it yet although the lights dim so it's in the van somewhere.



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I didn't mean the NE 237 was 'cheap' it is a quality unit, better than most.

We think Adria's are well made,


If you have an AGM battery, you might want to 'mollycodle' it as the Alternator won't provide the charge an AGM likes. It is fixed at 14.4v so will be too high for float charging and too low for 'boost' charging.


You will also note from the manual that the mains chargers maintenance/Float charge is higher than ideal for an AGM, which will suffer degradation if used a lot at that setting?


If you don't have an NE237 manual you can find one on the Nordelettronica web page here :




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