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Electric Hook Up


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You could fit one of our new Voltage and Current limiting boxes between the EHU 'Wall socket' and the mains RCD/MCB input.

The device allows you to limit the voltages into the van. By default it is set to only accept 200v to 260v, and you can also limit the current drawn from the Bollard, to say 6amps.


The voltage limiter cuts out any mains spikes or surges as well, isolating the supply until it stabilises.


Expected cost is about £30.

Not quite ready yet, testing is hoped to be completed this week for sale in December.









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monique.hubrechts@gm - 2018-11-15 3:23 PM


I booked a camping site. They have only 6 amp connections. Just good for my 1200 Watt max hair dryer. Before i put a large Watt electric heater on at the same location outside in my front tent. What happens if you are above their connection in amp. And what do you do then?

Don't forget the hairdryer won't be the only thing consuming electricity, Monique. There will be the fridge, the battery charger, and possibly phone or computer chargers as well. Not big, but you have a very fine margin.


If the hairdryer has more than one heat setting, use it on the lower setting. If not, take it to the shower block and see if there is a power socket there - there often is.


If you overload the supply you will trip the circuit breaker and switch off the mains power to your van. Also, bear in mind that site circuit breakers are frequently abused, and tend to become a little "over sensitive" as a consequence! You can never be certain that the 6A breaker will, actually, allow you a full 6A in practice.


On some sites the breakers are accessible so can simply be re-set. However, on others they are locked, and in a few cases they are in the site office. In these cases, if you trip the supply when the office is closed - no electricity until the next morning!

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I have only once tripped the supply when I put a toaster on at the same time as the heating on max. The first problem was that I had to get someone to come and reset the trip and that took a while as it was early in the morning and it was raining. That was fine as it was my fault but what was more awkward was that two other people were also left without power as they were supplied from the same point and we're in the middle of breakfast. Very embarrassing but I went to speak to them and own up and they were OK with it, or at least no one hit me! I am now very careful about what I switch on at the same time but the problem is that I never know what the supply is rated at so have to err on the cautious side.
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