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Replace headlight bulbs


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I presume you are asking about how to get at the headlamp-units in order to remove/replace the bulbs, rather than just how to remove/replace the bulbs in the units themselves.


Accessing the rear of the headlamp-units of A-class motorhomes can be a real challenge, and to replace bulbs it may be necessary to first remove sections of bodywork like the front bumper or part of the wheel-arch.


I’ve no idea what the best method would be for your Arto, but (if you are very lucky) another forum-member may have practical knowledge of the procedure required.


If not, you might try asking about this on the N+B section of the MHFun website




or on the MHFacts forum’s N+B section




There’s also an N+B UK Owners Club that has a free-to-join forum




(The attached photo is said to be of a 1999 Neismann+Bischoff Arto 59 model.)


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Halfords do not fit bulbs to all models. Access has to be fairly easy. They declined to fit headlamp bulbs on our VW car because they could not get the headlamp assembly out easily and there was no space to replace the bulb in situ. The fitter also told us that there are many models they can not deal with.



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Details of Halfords bulb and wiper-blade replacement/fitting services are here:






Evidently Kwik Fit also offer a similar service






Linda’s Arto’s headlamps are likely to be 120mm-diameter Hella units of the type commonly fitted to many makes of A-class motothome. (There's an example of a dipped-beam unit in the attached photo.)


Replacing the bulbs of these headlamp units is quite straightforward, but only if it’s practicable to reach the rear of the unit. I can’t find any on-line complaints about extreme difficulty replacing headlamp bulbs on N+B models, but this doesn’t prove that it’s easy. Due to their positioning it’s likely that bulbs in the outer (dipped-beam) units will be harder to replace than those in the inner main-beam units, but it ought to be fairly obvious whether or not sufficient access to the rear of the units can be obtained from within the motorhome’s engine compartment.


Linda has owned this motorhome for at least 8 years and - assuming that it is ‘professionally’ serviced - I would have thought that whoever does that work would be prepared to replace the failed bulbs at minimal cost.


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This attached photo is said to be of a 2002 Arto 59G.


From the ‘shut lines’ on the vehicle’s front it looks like the panel below the windscreen plus the radiator grille both move upwards, that access to the engine compartment might then be reasonably good, and that changing the bulb on the inner headlamp units should be straightforward. Reaching the inset outer headlamp units may well be trickier, but one would need to inspect Linda’s vehicle to decide how difficult bulb-changing really is.


(As Linda seems to be planning to DIY the bulb replacement, some feedback from her regarding why she’s having problems doing this might be useful.)


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I had to replace a DRL bulb on our Exis while away, and found access to the rear of the headlamp unit required more finger joints that my genes had foreseen! However, I also discovered that it was relatively easy to remove the whole headlamp unit, and that the lamp holders were then easily accessible. I just wonder if the same may be true for the Arto?
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Linda, it took me about four hours to change two light bulbs on my Arto 59s some years ago. You need to follow the manual, you need to have long arms, and you need to have strong fingers. Oh and a son because it was he who was built for the job. He went in from underneath and I guided him from above.. Once you have managed it, I suggest you change the others whilst you can remember how to do it. It is not at all straight forward. My son says patience was required.


Sorry I cannot offer much more than sympathy. Derek's suggestions are good because there are Arto owners out there. My only regret with the Arto is getting rid of it.


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Thanks fo the help on this site ,What I did was I split the headlight at the position where the beam is turned right hand drive to left hand drive .There is 3 screws at that position and I removed screws and split the lamp and was able to pull the rear of the lamp out to gain access to the bulb ,removing the rear cover took a bit of effort, it screws off but hadn’t been off in a long time ,but successful in replacing bulb and repeating re assembly. A little awkward but plenty of wd40 helped .Thanks once again for all your help on this site ..Kind regards Mick Quinn Linda’s husband
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