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Derek Uzzell

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At the top of the Motorhome Matters home-page is a ‘sticky’ thread titled “ALL FORUM MEMBERS - PLEASE READ”.


I’d once again like to encourage forum-members (new or long-standing) who participate on this forum to use the “Forums Control Panel” feature and provide in the ”Location” box of their Profile basic details of the motorhome they own (if they actually own one of course!) Make, model and year of manufacture should be enough - use your initiative.


A forum-member’s Profile allows creation of a ‘signature’ that has the potential to appear beneath every posting that the member makes, and some members have included details of their motorhome within their signature. This is not the best place to provide that information, however, as the Profile also includes a YES/NO option "View other people's signatures?” and this option defaults to NO.


Sampling postings suggests that most forum-members do not create a signature and, although it is not practicable to identify how many forum-members deliberately choose not to view other people’s signatures, as NO is is the default choice it’s likely that, if you do create a signature, your signature will be invisible. Feel free to create wondrous/hilarious/profound signatures, but keep in mind that most forum-members probably won’t see them and, if your motorhome details are embedded in your signature, they won’t see those details either.


So, if you are happy to provide your current motorhome’s basic details (and obviously you don’t HAVE to do this!) it’s best to use your Profile’s “Location” box as the information you put in that box will always be visible on your postings.


(It would also be worth forum-members checking their Profile for accuracy, as some of the information I’ve seen (like email addresses and website-related entries) on Profiles is clearly incorrect.)

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