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France travel. off to Spain via France next week


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If I were that worried about fuel shortages in France ,I would take several containers of Diesel with me from here in UK, Yeah dangerous , weight etc, I know all that but that is what I would do.

I met a guy in Portugal at Fatima on one of our Jollies , he was in a Hymer and had aboard many large containers of recycled cooking oil that he had processed into bio fuel, and topped off his tank as and when required, Simples?

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vindiboy - 2018-12-01 8:11 PM


If I were that worried about fuel shortages in France ,I would take several containers of Diesel with me from here in UK...


But that assumes that it would still be possible to obtain fuel at some stage during a journey of some 700 miles (Fesspark’s (presumably) originally planned Roscoff to Spain trip).


I can remember a time when UK motorcaravanners were stuck in France as it was impossible for a while to obtain sufficient fuel to reach a Channel port, and I once chose to drive (very gently) from mid-France to Ouistreham to return home early when fuel was becoming hard to find.


Realistically it would not be practicable for Fesspark to start from Roscoff with a full tank of fuel and carry enough refuelling diesel in ‘cans’ to allow him to reach Spain if no fuel were available from French service-stations on the way there. At present, though, there should be no real problems sourcing fuel on a Roscoff-Spain trip and no great difficulty navigating round places where traffic-delaying protests are being held, as up-to-date information on the fuel shortages and protests is available on-line.


As things stand, if I had planned to drive through France to Spain, I’d have little hesitation doing this. I’d definitely not choose to go by sea, but that’s primarily because I loathe sea travel and the thought of being cooped up on a ferry in the Bay of Biscay this time of year would fill me with such dread that the risks of possible French fuel shortages and a few protests would pale into insignificance.


But, as Brian has said, each to their own...

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We have had several motorhomes in this week that have been going to and returning from Spain without any problem some Dutch and some from the UK. One Dutch neighbour said he was delayed for about 15 minutes when he came back from Holland on Tuesday. No Fuel shortage here so far and from my experience the only time fuel has been short for a few days in the past is when there is the initial rush of people filling their tanks.
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No problems here in Charente Maritime, just Gilet Jaunes waving at you on roundabouts. Setting off for Spain/Portugal next week and fuel hadn't crossed my mind. As locals we support the protest and have our yellow jacket in the windscreen (a signal of support) and admire the French for their ability to change things rather than moan ineffectually.


As an aside Wil86, it's unlikely that people surrounding us hate anyone for their nationality. Attitude? Now that's a different thing altogether.

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Travelled to Brugges from Calais along through Northern France early last Saturday in our wagon.


Apart from a large group of yellow vests marching up one of the slip roads on the A16 ready to protest (but we just slipped through before them) and a few vans doing a slow road block around Dunkirk we had no issues and only added about 30 mins to our journey.


No queues for fuel or diesel shortages and no problems on our return journey on the Sunday evening.


Tend to find the M25 more unpredictable than this every week, so go for it and make it part of the adventure. Its experiencing and overcoming these challenges that makes us more interesting people.


Have a safe journey





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rupert123 - 2018-12-05 11:47 AM


Archiesgrandad - 2018-12-03 6:36 PM


Diesel at my local Intermarche is Euro 1.40.3 per litre today.


More expensive than the UK now then. No wonder the French are not pleased.

Diesel is £1.28 a litre at my local Morrison and unleaded £1.18. French fuel prices have always been relatively close to UK but those living close to the Belgium border fill up there. Germany is cheaper and Poland cheaper still with a much fairer system than UK. They pay no VED....that tax is on the fuel price so the person driving 500 miles a week pays more tax than the person only doing 50 a week.


Besides VED UK motorists get hit with a double whammy on fuel, vat plus 60% fuel tax hence the reason UK gov rail against price drops.

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