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Where for New Year?


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Sounds like a Shakespeare quote, eh "wherefore art though Romeo", Anyway. I've been told that we fancy going somewhere for New Year. Not Xmas, that's sorted at home, but somewhere for say 31 Dec to 1 or 2 Jan. Not fussy on dates being retired.


Somewhere with either on site or nearby staggering distance for a meal and some form of entertainment. For heating purposes must have EHU and nearby walkies for the dogs.


Any ideas anybody?



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Llanberis at the base of Snowdon.

From there you can walk to the top of the big mountain, or take the train.


In the town are several 'eateries', Petes Eats being the most famous and legendary amongst climbers.

Some nice pubs.

The new Morris's camp site in Llanberis (just a short walk through the woods to the town) is Class, but not cheap.


There is the dlightful Dolbarn Castle ruin, Electric mountain, which is like a set from James Bond movie, and the Welsh National Slate museum all close by.


The lakeside railway is also very pleasant, but unlikely the Lake boats will be operating that time of year.






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You don't say where you are, or how far you are prepared to travel for 3 nights away.


However, you might want to consider Cirencester. Good club site there, 15 minute walk to attractive town with good pubs and restaurants, and good markets. Site is within parkland and miles of walking for the dogs. Been twice during winter/festive season, and never disappointed.



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