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Ministers braced for influx of British expats in event of no-deal


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I suspect a certain 'known' Brexit voting turncoat is none too popular among the expat Brit community in Spain.


Ministers are braced for an influx of British expats in the event of a no-deal Brexit if the European Union fails to guarantee their right to stay living on the continent.


There are approximately one million UK nationals living in the EU with a quarter of them aged 65 or over and their status if there is a disorderly Brexit remains unclear.


The UK has set out the terms on which EU nationals will be able to stay living and working in the UK if no divorce deal is agreed and it has pleaded with Brussels to take reciprocal action.


A failure to reciprocate could have significant consequences for Britons abroad and would likely force many to return to the UK, potentially placing a considerable strain on public services, particularly the NHS.


Under the UK’s no-deal offer on citizens’ rights, EU nationals who move to Britain before Brexit in March 2019 could apply for the right to stay, with an application deadline of December 31, 2020.


But the bid to take the moral high ground backfired as the Government was accused of watering down its original offer to EU citizens.


Theresa May’s Brexit deal includes a reciprocal commitment between the UK and EU to protect citizens’ rights but that commitment would fall away if the overall agreement is not ratified.



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Guest pelmetman

As a part time expat ;-) ........


I wouldn't be so Selfish to just think about myself *-) ........


When its comes to doing whats best for the UK and not EU >:-) .........



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