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swift bolero advice


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My neighbour is thinking about buying a swift bolero - 2 berth - 612eks 2017 and asked me if I had any advice; since I do not know anything about Swift boleros I said I would would post on their behalf as they are new to motorhomes .

Many thanks

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Details of the Bolero 612EK model can be found by downloading the "Swift Group Motorhomes (2015 Sep)” file from here (Bolero is in Pages 48 to 58)




and the relevant Technical Handbook is here




There’s a useful summary in this old advert




and a Practical Motorhome YouTube review here:



The Bolero 612EK was a compact coachbuilt 2-person model with a comprehensive specification and a high asking-price in 2016. I notice that its waste-water tank has ‘only’ a 47-litres capacity, but that should be OK for 2 people unless they use the shower a lot. Your neigbour should also check very carefully the sleeping arrangements to be sure that the transverse double bed constructed from the two settees will be long enough and comfortable, or whether the two single beds altenative would be a realistic proposition.


If no forum-member here has hands-on experience of the Bolero 612EK, probably the best bet would be for your neighbours to register on the Swift Talk forum and ask for feedback there




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