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Great Headline


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Guest starspirit

Yes I too remember Graham's Golden moment


Jack Daniels is a very nice man because he helps us fall asleep in front of the TV every evening and that HAS to be a bonus.


Don't you mean deflowered Scotland.


And here's me thinking we could not beat an egg in any sport.

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howie - 2007-02-03 7:33 PM


The wife will be home soon, so away with thw whisky and out with the peppermints. Just as well, as at this stage i usually start blowing kisses to Mel. :$


Hi Howie ... I assume you mean me and not Mel E! But then again, I could be wrong! *-)


Not a headline as such but when I was little I never knew why the word superbum was pronounced superb-um, as in gardening when talking about a type of flower, to me it was super-bum!!! :$

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