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Hi Michelle, its a very hit and miss area and about as accurate as a piece of string.


You can get the nett calorific value of the gas per kg from the internet or gas supplier so you know how much heat you wil have at your disposal, but the way you use it determines how long it will lasts.For example, if you had the heating on but left the doors and windows open you woud use a lot more gas to keep warm. So things like the thermal efficiency of your heating system and the level of insulation in the motorhome, the number of air changes per hour, the outside air temperature, wind factor, all have an impact on usage.


If you want to get a feel for your true consumption you really need to keep a log of what you are doing with the gas and for how long and the outside temperature and weather conditions.


If you weigh the gas bottle at the start and then at the end of you r survey you will have some idea of the usage rates. Still a pice of string but you have narrowed it down to a few kilometers !!!






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Hi Michele- The best way to cope with the amount of gas you use is to always have a spare full cylinder with you ( which you probably do) and when you change over to it make it a priority to replace the empty as soon as possible. Not of course possible if abroad at the time, hence the popularity of fixed refillable LPG cylinders. chas
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Hi Michelle, this may not help as I have only ever used Butane and my M/H has a 15kg bottle.

Anyway, when I first started motorhoming I had few electrical appliances and I relied mainly on gas for cooking and heating. I found on average if I took a full bottle on a 2 month tour I would still have some left at the end. On one occasion I had a 3 month holiday and ran out of gas a week before we finished the hol. This was when I started buying lots of different electrical gadgets for cooking and heating.

Nowadays I find that I use so little gas that I can't remember when I last changed the bottle for a full one.

Most of my appliances are low wattage and I can use them all over Europe. Admittedly on the 3 amp sites in Italy I have to be very careful which ones I use and obviously can only use one at a time. Meals need a fair amount of planning.


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