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This  week  is National Mental 

 Health Care week.

You can do your part by


 least one unstable person to

show you  care.




My  part is done! 

to contact at 
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Not from Maplins you can't haha. Only joking wingpete.

although you might find some gadget ......te he.

i could do with you on my drive helping me.the husband is no good.

I should say he's good just worn out with work & the kids he cany be bothered .


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Lost in the wilderness ! Michelle, what did I say that makes you think I might be better than your hubby ? Soemthing about the drive !

Gotta be careful here, as he is younger than I, but am reminded of a saying I picked up in Yorkshire " There may be snow on the roof, but there could still be fire down below" .

Topical for today, but still wonder what I have said that invites the comment Michelle. And I am only over the Dartford crossing B-)

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Hi Smiler ,

He said what's new ?. trust a man for sympathy . valentines soon I wont hold my breath Mind you last time I stung him for a posh coat in the posh boutique in le Touquet only £600 he stood in the shop with his ear phones in . I just laughed that made me spend more ,well I,m worth it.


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if by photo you mean the red x's - it was working ok earlier - don't know why it's stopped - perhaps it's in payment for the smileys :->





ps see your e-mail



pps - it seems to be working again!!!! dohhhhhh

now you see it now you don't

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